A community of critical thinkers and innovative learners.

Bellbrae Primary School offers students, staff and families a strong sense of community and belonging. This enables our students to develop and grow in a unique environment that is enjoyable, supportive, relevant and able to offer challenges that empower students to be 21st Century life-long learners. In 2018 we have 517 students and in excess of 35 staff members across all facets of the school, yet are able to offer a strong sense of community where individuals are respected and appreciated. The school is highly committed to the mental health and well-being of all students, with an active welfare program falling under the banner of 'Kidsmatter.'

School Leadership
Mr Christian Smith - School Principal
Christian Smith

The school principal, Christian Smith, has extensive experience in education having held school leadership positions in a variety of schools. His educational passions are personalised learning approaches, preparing students for 21st Century living and supporting and developing effective programs for students with learning difficulties. Christian was awarded an International Teaching Fellowship to the United States of America in 2015 where he focussed on creating Autistic Friendly Classrooms for Victorian schools. Christian is a ‘hands on’ leader who places a high priority on engaging in the teaching and learning program of each class. Christian can be contacted by calling the school or via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

McCoombe Mr Stuart
Stuart McCoombe holds the position of Assistant Principal and has a strong educational background in digital learning, digital coaching and classroom teaching. He plays an active role in both student learning and staff professional development with a strong commitment to 21st century learning.
Michael Georgiadis holds the position of Leading Teacher focusing 'Curriculum Development and Implementation'. There are four Leaders of Learning: Louise Kahle (STEM Development and Reporting), Luke O’Meara (Capabilities), Dylan Garnham-Rea (Literacy), Tess Barson (STEM and Mathematics), who are responsible for building teacher capacity and leading teaching and learning across the school. Department coordinators are: Brigid Chapman (Foundation), Matt Nalder (Grade One), Luke Heard (Grade Two), Kate Rudland (Grade Three) Michael Georgiadis (Grade Four), Daniel Lowther (Grade 5) and Luke O'Meara (Grade 6). All teams are represented at Management level and have the opportunity to plan and design learning units together in weekly planning sessions, as well as during a full day allocated to each Department every term.

Bellbrae offers:

  • A safe, supportive and friendly environment with an average class size of less than 22 students per class. (Foundation classes average 16 students.)
  • Active promotion of confidence and self-esteem.
  • A well resourced school in a unique rural setting.
  • A quality curriculum developed by a team of dedicated and professional staff with a good balance of experience and gender.
  • A focus on critical thought, independent learning and transformational pedagogy.
  • An emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Learning skills.
  • A support, intervention and extension program ensuring all individual learning needs are catered for.

At Bellbrae we recognise the importance of providing a safe environment for all students. As some children at our school suffer from allergic reactions, we request that all parents take significant precautions to prevent any risk to students with allergies. We encourage parents, where possible, not to send food to school that might pose an allergy risk to any classmate identified as being anaphylactic. All staff members are trained in anaphylaxis management, and the school has additional EPI Pens to complement the personal EPI Pens anaphylactic students store at school in the First Aid Room. Parents are also encouraged to regularly speak to their children about ways they can help to ensure anaphylactic students are not exposed to any risk that might trigger a reaction. All staff are trained in anaphylaxis, diabetes and asthma management.

Dyslexia Friendly School
Bellbrae Primary School has been accredited as a Dyslexia Friendly School. Click here to view our certificate! Bellbrae also supports individuals with special needs through the Program for Students with Disabilities and the provision of Integration Aides, as well as running a Reading Recovery/Literacy Support Program to ensure Literacy benchmarks are met.
Bellbrae Primary School is totally committed to Child Safe Standards and is also a lead Respectful Relationships School. Please visit to office if you would like more information regarding these areas.
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