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From 2015, families of students in Years 4,5 & 6 are asked to provide a full-sized Apple iPad for use at school and at home. The iPad will allow students to access the Internet, email, electronic books and a wealth of online tools and resources. It will support a range of learning activities where students collaborate, create knowledge, problem solve and think critically. Students will be able to produce movies, animations, podcasts and other multimedia products. The portability, long battery life, ease-of-use, its instant-on technology and wealth of educational apps make it an ideal device to support teaching and learning.

What Type of Device is needed?

ipadsWe recommend that parents purchase a full size iPad with a minimum of 16GB of storage. The iPad should be WIFI only (without celluar or 3G mobile Network capability).

Any iPad above iPad 2 with 16GB storage is suitable!




powerpoint BYOD Program 2019 (Powerpoint)

info iPads for Learning Parent Information Booklet

apps Required Apps


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