Dr Adrian Waters
Dr Adrian Waters

A warm welcome to Bellbrae Primary School. Our school prides itself on emphasising student well-being and creating innovative and stimulating learning environments. We recognise that students learn best when their hearts and heads are β€˜in the right place,’ and we encourage the mantra of β€˜a healthy mind and body.’ We also appreciate that all students learn and express their knowledge in different ways, and therefore take cognisance of multiple intelligences in our learning and assessment programs.

As our school is sought after to both learn and teach in, we are fortunate to have a fantastic staffing profile with a good balance of experience, gender and diverse skill sets. This means that our students are exposed to a broad range of teaching styles and perspectives, with highly skilled teachers employed in every learning area. This enables us to provide an enjoyable and contextualised learning program that meets the needs and interests of students in our care. Due to recent significant funding from the state government, we are also able to offer state of the art facilities that align with our progressive approach to 21st century education.

Wellbeing and learning sit at the heart of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0) which align to our focus on holistic education at Bellbrae PS. We work together with students, parents, support workers and stakeholders to create a safe, supportive and engaging learning environment. We utilise the individual strengths and interests of staff to develop unique learning opportunities such as, Bluearth, School Pride, Health and Wellbeing, Indigenous Perspectives, Clubs, Junior School Council, Bellbrae Environment and Sustainability Team (BEST), Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths (STEAM), High Ability Programs, Performing Arts, Indonesian and Physical Education.

The new facilities provide our students with high-quality learning environments which are matched with stunning vistas and exceptionally skilled staff. We seek to improve our practices based on evidence, our cohort and context. We trust that you will enjoy your time at Bellbrae Primary and all students will reach their potential.

On behalf of our broader school community, I welcome you to Bellbrae Primary and trust that you will enjoy our cooperative approach to learning to achieve the very best in your child's educational journey.