At Bellbrae Primary School, teachers implement a range of formal and informal learning assessments to ensure the delivery of a purposeful teaching and learning program that is differentiated to meet the learning needs of all students.

Ongoing reporting model

Bellbrae Primary School is committed to an ongoing reporting model that aims to connect and inform families about their child’s learning. This model incorporates parent / teacher / student conferences, learning expos, term and semester-based learning tasks, individual learning improvement plans and biannual semester reports.

Learning Tasks

Learning Tasks aim to provide parents and families with a snapshot of your child’s learning in one specific area. It includes a description of the task, your child’s effort throughout the task, achievements and areas for improvement. Reading, Writing and Mathematics learning tasks are shared with parents each term via Compass. Students also complete a Specialist learning task for STEM, Languages, Art and Performing Arts each semester.

Semester Reports

Semester reports are a reflection of a student learning over two terms and are shared with parents at the conclusion of Term 2 and Term 4. Semester reports include relevant progression points on the domains covered within the semester, indicators for effort and behaviour, classroom and specialist teacher comments and learning tasks overviews.

Individual Learning Improvement Plans

Individual Learning Improvement Plans are developed for students who require further support or extension in specific learning areas. ILIPs are SMART goal oriented (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) and focus on short term achievable goals for students.