As one of Australia’s closest neighbours, Indonesia holds great importance for the future of Australian diplomacy and business in our region. For that reason, it is important for students to engage with Indonesian studies in order to bridge the knowledge and communication gap between the nations. At Bellbrae, students enjoy exploring and engaging in Indonesian language, culture, and geography. They reflect on their own experiences and assumptions about languages other than English and use these experiences to enrich their learning. Students use Indonesian to communicate with their teachers and peers, respond to instructions, ask and answer questions and create resources for their learning. They learn about Indonesian islands, numbers, colours, greetings, transportation, cultural respect, houses, dance, religions, music, food and animals. They recognise similarities and differences between English and Indonesian language and reflect on why these occur. Our goal for Bellbrae Indonesian students is to foster respect and curiosity of global cultures, to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries, and reflect on their own language through comparison with another.